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There are numerous hotels in the area of our conference venues. We recommend using travel sites, such as Orbitz, Travelocity, and others to seek out the most appropriate lodging for you. However, the most logistically convenient place to stay is the Ala Moana Hotel, where our first conference day will occur, and rooms begin at $219. If you are interested in booking a room, you can visit the hotel's site here.

Lincoln Hall

Housing is also available at Lincoln Hall, on the University of Hawai'i at Manoa campus, for lower cost accommodations. Rooms are limited, so please reserve quickly if you are interested and let HSA know that you will be requesting it (we will act as your "sponsor") by emailing us at


The cost is:


  • Standard studio Double beds (single or double occupancy)  $77.00 per night

  • Corner studio Two double beds (single or double occupancy) $95.00 per night

  • Kitchen units Queen bed (single or double occupancy)  $111.00 per night

For reservations, contact:

East-West Center
Housing Office
1711 East-West Road
Honolulu, Hawaii 96848-1711
Telephone: (808) 944-7805
FAX: (808) 944-7790





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