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The 37th Annual Hawai’i Sociological Association Conference
University of Hawai’i at Hilo Campus
February 20-21 2016


Conference Theme: Subaltern Sociology: Social Justice, Islands, and Movements


The subaltern captures the simultaneity of oppression and resistance embodied in marginalized peoples along with the need for understanding our social worlds from these positions. Subaltern is a term associated with the post-colonial experience, referring to groups in society that have been oppressed or exploited due to gender, sexuality, race, migrant status, class, nation, ability, indigeneity, rurality, or region. Islanders too, because island geographies are often eclipsed by mainland-centered approaches of development and the distinct cultural and social resistance found on them, are often considered subaltern. On islands and globally, social justice movements are converging to stop and address the increasing disparities and infringemaents on human rights and ecological damage. Recognizing the different localities and positionalities by which sociology is produced, a subaltern sociology seeks to draw together the various fields and approaches in the discipline and contribute to building a just and equitable society. 


Keynote Speaker: Dr. Manisha Desai, Associate Professor of Sociology and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, University of Connecticut

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