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The 33rd Annual Hawaii Sociological Association Conference
Kapiolani Community College
February 18, 2012 
Conference Theme: Pacific Intersectionalities: Revisiting Race, Class, and Gender.

The Pacific region is an interesting area, but its complexities often go unrecognized.  As with other locales, the Pacific region has a unique demographic mix that cannot be found anywhere else.  There are diverse racial/ethnic groups; religions; political economic systems; social stratification; gender relations/gender roles; languages; cultures; etc., and the list goes on.  In Hawaii, the unique environment and demographic makeup of the islands lends itself to unique examinations of the intersectionalities of race, class, and gender.  While the concept of intersectionalities has been in use for several decades in numerous disciplines, societies are fluid entities that continue to change.  Now that we are well into the new millennium, it would seem timely to revisit the concept in understanding issues of power and inequality and in the production of knowledge.  And what better time and space in which to do this than in Honolulu, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, in February?

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Jaye Cee Whitehead, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon.  Dr. Whitehead spoke on the topic of intersectionality and the marriage equality movement.  

Dr. Whitehead recently published a book entitled The Nuptial Deal: Same-Sex Marriage and Neo-Liberal Governance.  The book can be purchased at the following links:  

                                                 University of Chicago Press






Dr. Whitehead was also invited to publish an Op-Ed piece in the New York Times on the topic of same-sex marriage. 


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