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Links: Associations and Conferences

American Sociological Association
From the ASA Website: As the national organization for sociologists, the American Sociological Association, through its Executive Office, is well-positioned to provide a unique set of services to its members and to promote the vitality, visibility, and diversity of the discipline. Working at the national and international levels, the Association aims to articulate policy and implement programs likely to have the broadest possible impact on sociology now and in the future. 

International Sociological Association
From the ISA Website: The ISA was founded in 1949 under the auspices of UNESCO.  The goal of the ISA, is to represent sociologists everywhere, regardless of their school of thought, scientific approaches or ideological opinion, and to advance sociological knowledge throughout the world.  IIts member comes from 167 countries.

Pacific Sociological Association
From the PSA Website: The mission of the Pacific Sociological Association is to advance scholarly research on all social processes and areas of social life, to promote high-quality teaching of sociological knowledge, and to mentor the next generation of sociologists.  Consistent with principles of scientific investigation, the PSA endorses the engagement of sociologists in areas of social justice and social responsibility.  The Association accomplishes its mission by convening an annual meeting and publishing its journal, Sociological Perspectives.

Society for the Study of Social Problems
From the SSSP Website: The SSSP's stated purpose is to promote and protect sociological research and teaching on significant problems of social life and, particularly, to encourage the work of young sociologists; to stimulate the application of scientific method and theory to the study of vital social problems; to encourage problem-centered social research; to foster cooperative relations among persons and organizations engaged in the application of scientific sociological findings to the formulation of social policies; to foster higher quality of life, social welfare, and positive social relations in society and the global community and to undertake any activity related thereto or necessary or desirable for the accomplishment of the foregoing purposes.

Graduate Student Sociological Association (GSSA, University of Hawaii at Manoa)
From the GSSA website: The Graduate Student Sociological Association (GSSA) was established to provide graduate students in Sociology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa with professional, social and cultural support; a forum for discussion about student issues; and official representation in the Department of Sociology.

United Chapters of Alpha Kappa Delta
From the AKD website: AKD stands for Alpha Kappa Delta, a non-secret, democratic, international society of scholars dedicated to the ideal of Athropon Katamannthanein Diakonesin or “to investigate humanity for the purpose of service.”  AKD seeks to acknowledge and promote excellence in scholarship in the study of sociology, the research of social problems, and such other social and intellectual activities as will lead to an improvement in the human condition.

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